Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Uno means No. 1

So last night, we decided we didn't feel like cooking, so we went over to Pizzeria Uno in the Twin City Mall.

Now, M is extremely fussy about his pizza; it has to be made with whole-milk mozzarella and NO OTHER CHEESES. (You know that unnatural orange glow Greek pizza has? Take it from a nice Italian girl: That's cheddar, friends and neighbors.) Anyway, he wasn't sure he wanted to go there, but I talked him into it to try something different. Besides, they have quite a menu. So we sojourned over there.

Let me tell you: Their pizza is as good as I remember it. I got the Shroom pizza, which is made with garlic, mozzarella and Romano, spinach and button mushrooms. Yummers. M, after deciding before the waitress came that he wanted fish and chips, did a last-minute detour into the pizza menu and got a sausage and mushroom pizza. He was digging on it. I have leftovers for lunch today, and so does he. And they had quite a menu besides pizza. I would recommend it.

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