Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our WROR adventures

M and I sat in on the studio audience at WROR this morning. We had to get up at quarter of five to be in Boston by then. Funniest line of the morning:

C: I don't know how people get up this early. I don't even know what happens at this hour.

M: Don't you know about the magical parade through the streets?

Ha. I wish. As much as it pained me not to watch the game last night (sounds like I didn't miss much after midgame -- runaway hit for the Sox), I'm glad I went to bed early so I could actually rise and sort of shine.

Anyway, we caravaned to the studio and hung out with the other contestants until they let us into the studio at 7. M and I have been listening to WROR for many a year, and it was way cool to be in the studio and meet Loren and Wally in person. They are really nice, especially for radio people. We also had a good time with Tom Doyle. And the other contestants were all really cool.

Now to the results. Blackstone B. Goode came in third, followed by Franklin at second. And first place went to...The Long and Winding Road to Medford. Nice kid who won. I called my dad to tell him his hometown won.

Good times overall. Thanks, Loren and Wally, for welcoming us into the studio.


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