Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My review of the Leominster Wal Mart Supercenter

So I've had to take a day off from my life. I got so sick Monday that I had to call my mother-in-law to come get the Boo. I felt terrible about that more than anything. I took Tuesday off from work, so I'm only in the office two days this week. Getting better, thanks to a little friend I like to call the Z pack. Luv ya, antibiotics.

Anyway, the new Wal Mart Supercenter, which is right in my backyard, opened today, complete with groceries and all the cheap goods we all know and love from Wally World. The cleaning people came today, so I needed to get out of here. Perfect opportunity to check out the new store. Let me just say, the grocery part is just amazing. Gorgeous produce and meat, a deli counter, bakery, fresh bread, a Dunkin Donuts and Workers Credit Union inside -- it was to die for. We picked up some deli turkey and cheese as well as some fresh rolls (Wal Mart whole wheat hamburger buns for $2!) and scoped out the baby aisle. Now, as much as I love my Target, they just don't have the selection. And it's not as close. And checkout was super fast and easy -- tons of people asking if they could help me find something (umm, yeah, it's a brand-new store). I don't want to be near there on Saturday, but I'm glad it came to town.

Now I just need to find a way to keep my patience with all the yahoos on 117 who slam on their brakes and decide to go to Wal Mart at the last minute. Turkeys.

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