Sunday, June 03, 2007

Local restaurant recommendation: Harrington Farm

Yesterday was our fifth anniversary, so to celebrate, M and I went to dinner at Harrington Farm. We'd never been there, but we'd heard good things about it. My MIL had been for a wedding, and she raved about the food and the location. So off we went.

It's in the middle of nowhere in Princeton, but we liked it that way. Beautiful grounds and an old house. A plus: A wedding was going on at the adjacent function facility, so M and I took a nice stroll down memory lane: "Remember, this time five years ago we were..."

The food? Out of control. They print different menus every night, so what I'm going to describe might not be available if you go. We both started with banana-walnut bread and amazing sourdough rolls, followed by a fresh salad with fried onion rings and a spicy bagel chip on top, topped with homemade buttermilk ranch dressing. To die for.

Our entrees were a pork chop marinated in molasses rum BBQ sauce and mango, accompanied by sliced fingerling potatoes and baby carrots for M. I got sesame tofu accompanied by bok choy, an Asian rice cake, broccoli and sliced sweet potatoes, all in a peanut sauce. Unbelievably good and different.

For dessert (you knew there was dessert!), I got creme brulee with a chocolate bottom and a homemade chocolate chip cookie. M got flourless chocolate cake with ice cream, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. TO DIE FOR.

Wasn't cheap (about $100 with tip), but if you're looking for a special occasion place, check it out. Beautiful place.

EDITED TO ADD: I didn't really address service in my review, but in response to Dan's comment, it isn't the fastest in the world. We were there for almost two hours for dinner. We didn't mind a whole lot, since dinner was the evening's main event, but I wouldn't try to squeeze in dinner and a movie at this place.
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