Monday, September 24, 2007

Top 5 joys of shared washing machines

I just saw a post on a message board complaining about the fun of public washers and dryers in apartment buildings. While it's been many moons (last shared washload was October 2000) since I had to use a coin-operated washer or dryer -- my college dorm and my apartment building, which, by the way, only had one washer and one dryer for 11 apartments -- I feel their pain. Here's my rant list about sharing washers and dryers:
  • People who don't take their stuff out of the dryer or, worse, the washer promptly. It ain't your machine, bro.
  • Conversely, people who jump on top of you as soon as your stuff dings. Give me a second to get my basket!
  • People who think they own the washer and dryer. There was one crazy lady in my apartment building who did laundry daily. I left work early one fine day to go do laundry, and she was across the hall gabbing with my neighbor with her laundry bag in hand. When she saw me headed downstairs with my hamper, she told me she was doing laundry. I should have told her to fuck off. I really should have. But to keep the peace, I didn't, and it still makes me fume to think about it.
  • Landlords who are slow to fix the equipment and/or reimburse you for quarters lost.
  • Creepy boys who try to make conversation in the laundry room. I'm not here to get picked up, you know.

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