Friday, October 26, 2007

Two things I can't find

1) A preservative-free flu shot. They were giving flu shots out at work, but they had thermisol in them, and since this preservative contains mercury (linked to autism and neurological issues), I don't want to expose my baby to it. But I don't want the flu, either -- I'm asthmatic, pregnant and live with an immunocompromised person, so I'm definitely high-risk.

I called my PCP, and he won't give me one or order me one. I called a bunch of flu clinics. They get what they get, and their flu shots all have preservatives. I called a pediatrician's office, since a) they often give kids preservative-free shots, and b) I need to find a doc for my baby anyway. The one I called wouldn't talk to me because I'm an adult, and they won't take my baby until he's born. Besides, even their pedi shots contain preservative. We WON'T be taking my child there.

In desperation, I even called the Mass Board of Health. They just told me to call flu clinics until I find one that has preservative-free shots. I know they exist. I don't really want to go without, since I'm going to be at the end of my pregnancy in the heart of flu season. Help?

2) A fabric store. My church is making blankets this weekend for Project Linus, and all I need is some damn fleece. The only local place I know that sells it is Wally World, and I prefer not to set foot in there. Any sewing types want to recommend a good local place?

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