Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Big guns, pointed at my heart

OK, you can tell I'm from Melrose -- I quoted Skid Row. Who does that? Answer: Me.

So this morning, I'm getting ready for work, and in the shower I hear this crazy boom. I got out of the shower, hair dripping, to make sure my house isn't exploding. Another boom -- the windows rattling. I smell a little bit of oil burning and went down the basement. The furnace is running full speed. So I call M and ask: Should I shut off the furnace?

M: Go ahead.

So I shut it off, already dreading the freezing-cold house I'm going to come home to. And then I hear another boom. So I call the police to see if anyone's reported any tremors. Turns out that Devens was firing off the big guns this morning and yes, we can hear them in South Leominster. I call M back.

M: Stupid.

Oh well. I'm hoping my house is still standing when I get home.


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