Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas political correctness run amok

At Samoset School here in Leominster, so many people complained that a giving tree was associated with Christmas that they had to take it down. Stuff like that makes me mad. This is why:

1) Most people celebrate Christmas. Yes, I am one of them, so maybe it's hard for me to understand the other side. But if you live in a predominantly Christian country, you need to get used to seeing Christian symbolism. That doesn't mean you need to believe in it. Besides, I know Jews who put up a Christmas tree, because it's pretty. There is so much that's secular in Christmas that I also have atheist friends who do up the holiday as much as I do (minus the nativity scene, etc.).

2) This was a giving tree. For charity. Taking it down is depriving the charity of needed funds.

Complete bull.

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