Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A crappy weekend

Actually, it wasn't terrible. I got my marigolds planted and some mulch laid down, M opened the pool and we got some ice cream. The poo poo part comes from the baby.

Sunday morning he threw up his bottle. And threw up again. And again. We were scared and called the doc. She suggested to us he might have an obstruction, so we put him in the car and went down to UMass. He was thoroughly evaluated, and he has gastroenteritis, AKA the good ol' stomach flu. Yes, it's viral, and there's not a lot they can do for it.

So Monday he seemed better and we actually had him on some formula. Then we were walking around new Super Wally World when he hurled. All over himself. Poor bubba. I made M abandon the cart in the middle of the store and we brought him home. We managed to get some more formula in him, and he held it down, but this morning he had some diarrhea, so I worked at home and stayed home with him. He's a cranky boy because he wants formula, but I need to give him Pedialyte every few hours, and it just ain't holding him.

Any tips? This has been one long, shitty day. On the upside, I am doing much better.

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