Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's gotta be me

My son is going through separation anxiety. On Tuesday, M came to visit me at work, and the two of us went down to visit Boo at daycare. He was having an off day -- not eating or drinking his bottles great. M gave him a bottle, we hung out for a little bit, and then we left. As soon as we shut the door, we heard a keening wail coming out of the room. Our son was missing us.

Well, when I went down to pick him up at 5:30, his teacher came out of the classroom with him screaming. She had tried everything to chill him out, but no dice. When I took him, he stopped crying and was shaking. I cuddled him a bit and then tried to put him in his carriage to go home. He lost his crap again. And again in the car. I'm talking 20 minutes of unmitigated screaming.

I get home and M makes him a bottle. Except he doesn't want M. He wants me. I cuddled him more and fed him, and he calmed down. And he had worn himself out with the screaming, so he slept.

My son is very attached to me. It's great, but there are times that M tries to help and he insists on his mom. It can be stressful. Any tips on how to deal with separation anxiety are welcome and encouraged.

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