Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Leominster chainsaw massacre

There are a lot of plantings in the yard. The former owners went a little apeshit with the landscaping, which we appreciate from the perspective of it being done, but it's a lot to take care of. A maple tree was growing into the side of my garage. A bush along the driveway was starting to block the house. In the backyard, a huge branch fell off the tree in the way-back onto the fence. And our neighbors' bushes were pushing through the chain link fence and encroaching on our backyard.

Enter my father-in-law.

He came over Saturday with his chainsaw. Down went the garage tree. Chopped into logs went the fallen tree branch. He inspired good feng shui by shaving back the bush that obscured my driveway. As an added bonus, the kid who cuts our lawn came over too, so our yard looks great. Since I am officially retired from yardwork, this is a good thing. Booyeah!

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