Monday, June 25, 2007

Is it me, or is this crazy?

So. I've been hooked into Bridezillas on WE. And there was a very disturbing two-part episode this weekend.

Basically, Anita is a 46-year-old first-time bride who's marrying Dion, who's 36. Anita has a daughter, Christina, who's in her early 20s and still lives at home rent-free. Christina has her undies in a bunch because her mom is spending all this money (and time) on someone who's, umm, not her. So she's a royal ass to Dion and accuses him of using Anita for her money. And then she says: "I bet he won't even show up."

Well, guess what: Christina's craziness coupled with her sisters' shrewishness succeed in driving the groom away. He never shows up for the wedding, leaving Anita despondent and still trying to have a wedding party without a groom. I felt so bad for her.

But here's the crazy twist: Dion calls the next day, cries and begs and says he was wrong, wrong, wrong to leave her and baby, let's elope to Vegas. And THEY DO, with the attitude of, ha ha, the family tried to break us up, but no one can break us up. The last scene is Christina the daughter crying her eyes out because her mom stooped so low.

There's something to be said for standing up in front of your family and friends and declaring your love for your spouse. And the fact that Dion wouldn't do that would make me not want to marry him. Not to mention the humiliating me in front of everyone I know thing.

Anyway, here's the official Bridezillas episode summary.

And yes, I think too much. Hence the name of this blog.

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