Friday, July 20, 2007

In a dream room with ripped curtains

Ever since we bought our house in 2002, I have had variations of the same dream over and over again: That I find secret rooms filled with stuff from previous owners. Sometimes said rooms are haunted, and I don't want to go in there. Other times, a door will appear off a room that already exists, leading to another room filled with rags and junk. Sometimes the room is set up like an extra bedroom; other times it's just a catchall.

Last night, I got to work in my dreams. I grabbed a bunch of people to help me clean the rooms that had appeared in my attic. Except every time we removed something, it would reappear. In the dream, M and I figured out that our house's former owners had added the addition. It was all very strange.

In reality, my house is a hip-roof colonial (the roof comes to a flat part in the middle rather than being pitched), so my attic is tiny and not really usable. I wonder what these dreams mean?

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