Monday, August 27, 2007

I am pissed at McDonald's

I was craving McNuggets and French fries on Saturday night, so I headed over to the local Mickey D's. (Yes, I know, the dinner of champions.) Got my food and went home. Well, now there are nutrition labels on the food packages. Guess what? A large McDonald's French fries has 8 GRAMS of trans fats. And I just found out that in 2006, they were found to have even more trans fats than originally listed.

My favorite fast food restaurant, the aforementioned Wendy's, has done away with trans fats in its cooking oils. Hell, so has Dunkin' Donuts, the unhealthiest place on Earth. Why can't the original fast food emporium do the same? Until they do, I am boycotting McDonald's.

Updated to add: I just discovered that the Web site sued McDonald's for keeping trans fats in their food. As part of the settlement, McDonald's agreed to give money to the American Heart Association and educate the public about trans fats. (You can read more here.) I still think it's bullshit they don't remove the fats. Now that I know, I will stay far away.

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