Sunday, March 02, 2008

Campaign '08: Life imitates art

I haven't watched SNL in years, although it was once a staple in my television-watching repertoire. (An aside: In two months of maternity leave, I have not watched one minute of daytime TV, which should tell you how much I value the tube now.) However, occasionally a cool sketch comes along that I either hear about or watch online. Take the Barry Gibb Talk Show, which M and I constantly quote and cackle over. Same for the Schwetty Balls NPR sketch from a few years back. And now, Hillary Clinton quotes a debate sketch during an actual debate to protest how crappily the media has treated her versus Obama the wonder boy.

I'm married to a political junkie who won all kinds of awards back when he was an undergrad for his poli sci mad skilz. But the race barely registers on my radar. Still, I agree Hil has gotten the ol' shaftola. Obama is amazingly charismatic and seems to have a vision. But Hillary would make a good president too and should have been treated more equitably.

Back to your regularly scheduled nonpolitical Overthink.

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