Thursday, January 31, 2008

January made me shiver

Been quite a month. Let's recap:

January 6: Birth of my son.

January 7-11: M and I try to figure out the new parents thing together as he takes a week off.

January 14-17: My mom comes to stay. We have an amazing week together.

January 19: I start getting very anxious and depressed.

January 22: Postpartum OB appointment; decision is made to admit me for a few days to the hospital for meds adjustment and much-needed rest.

January 22-26: Christine in hospital.

January 26: Christine comes home. Catches stomach flu (through present).

January 28-31: Christine watches baby alone, quite successfully, I might add.

Bring on February! And go Pats! M is thrilled that not only does he get to watch them in the Super Bowl, he gets to watch the whole spectacle with his son. Booyeah!

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