Thursday, May 29, 2008

Burnt offerings

Boo is still sick. His food is basically passing right through him. I've been on the phone with the doctor every day and have had to ask family to pinch-hit to watch him because I can't send him to daycare. Doc seems to think the diarrhea will just take time to resolve, but I am freaked about him becoming dehydrated.

And I am fried. It's been an ear infection, now a stomach bug, and now I have the same bug now that I've kicked the ear infection. I feel like crying all the time. I was supposed to see my therapist yesterday, but when I tried to take Boo out, he puked. In the store. So I didn't want to bounce him around too much. Sometimes, being a new mom can really suck. I'm sorry to keep asking the Internet at large for advice, but any moms who want to offer any on how to kick this burnt feeling, stop stressing and take care of my kid will be my new heroes.

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