Saturday, August 02, 2008

Down to one

M and I really love to eat out, and we have our favorite haunts. One of these favorites is Rovezzi's, located in Worcester and Sturbridge (formerly in Rutland, too). And trust me, if a couple of Italians raised on our grandmas' food like it, it's good.

Well, tonight was the last night for the Worcester Rovezzi's. Citing the bad economy, chef Chris said in the Telegram that the Worcester location on Grove Street had been losing money for the past 10 months, and it was time to close. Since we adore their food and Sturbridge is a hike, we left the Boo with his nonna and had a sumptuous meal. We went all out -- apps, dinner and chocolate cake for dessert. The staff was professional, and the food was as good as ever. Arrividerci to a great place to eat.

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