Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What I've done in the last 72 hours

Been a busy bee, although I am getting over a bad cold:

  • Stripped my entire bed down to the mattress and washed everything in hot water to kill all the germs.
  • Did obscene amounts of other laundry. How does a 20-pound person make so much laundry? Thank goodness for the HE machine.
  • Cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed.
  • Raked the entire front yard (and then realized I didn't have enough bags for that amount of leaves -- d'oh).
  • Made another Big Red run to get stuff for our church bazaar and other sundries.
  • Went to a family birthday party on the Noath Shoah.
  • Almost finished the Newsweek special issue about the election, with all the behind-the-scenes stuff (dense, but an absolutely fascinating read).
  • Took out the baby gate and started thinking about putting it at the bottom of the stairs, as Boo has shown interest in climbing them.
  • Went to the doctor and got some antibiotics for my almost-sinus infection.
  • Started thinking about my Christmas list and my birthday plans.

So that explains the lack of posts. A lot more going on, and I'll tell ya as we go.

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