Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Pour on the Syrup, and Let's Get it On
This blog post is not as dirty as the title might have you believe. I was thinking about my five favorite songs that are syrupy and sweet and some say cloying, but I love them. Then I was thinking about the five songs that make me want to tear the sheets off the bed and get down to it. So I thought I would put them in two lists within the same post. Click on the song titles for lyrics, if interested.

First, the syrup (otherwise known as the power ballad):

  • Phil Collins, Take a Look at Me Now (Against All Odds): I know people who hate this song with every fiber of their being. But it literally sends chills up and down my spine. Who can't relate to stewing over a breakup, wishing the other person could just see you now and come on home?
  • 'N Sync, This I Promise You: Yes, they 'N Suck. But this Richard Marx-penned song isn't another bust-up-the-club dance anthem or stupid ballad. It sounds like mature love and forever and devotion. As a grown, married person, I love it.
  • Aerosmith, Angel: M refers to this song — and the album it came off of — as Aerosmith's dark years. I disagree and get swept up in the sweet emotion.
  • Richard Marx, Now and Forever: Richard Marx isn't the kind of guy anyone admits to liking, but everyone likes at least ONE of his songs. This is another song that doesn't just talk about the hearts and flowers, but the day-to-day stuff of true love. I wanted this one as a wedding song, but M used his veto power. Ditto for Amazed by Lonestar (he hates country) and I'll Still Be Loving You (ditto). Which leads us to our ACTUAL wedding song...
  • Edwin McCain, I Could Not Ask for More: All I have to do is hear the opening strum of the guitar and I'm back on the dance floor with everyone I love watching me dance my first dance as the wife of the man of my dreams. 'Nuff said.

Now, for the hot stuff:

  • (tie) Prince, Gett Off and Head: We saw Prince at the Fleet Center a few weeks ago, and neither of these raunchy hits did he perform, having become a devout Jehovah's Witness. But back when he was dirty, he was dir-tay. The former reminds me of the infamous number with the assless pants on the 1994 MTV Music Awards; it's a wonder any of them got off the stage. The latter...well, this is a family blog. Let's not go there.
  • Paula Cole, Feelin' Love: This sensual groove was used in the great movie City of Angels during a bathtub scene, and the mood is totally set by Paula's groaning vocals and slithering backbeat. Mmm-hmmm.
  • Toni Braxton, You're Makin' Me High: I don't know what' s sexier — Toni's rumbling alto or the lyrics about getting off. A definite smoking groove.
  • Sting, Forget About the Future: So the lyrics aren't the sexiest thing ever (even though he slyly refers to "an optimism in romantic music and candlelight"). The backbeat and Mr. Stingaling, who I have a major thing for, sure are.
  • TLC, This Is How It Works: A paint-by-numbers guide to satisfying the ladies set against a stuttering, smooth backbeat. Guys, take notes.

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