Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I'm baack from all my business travel. And again, I feel like shit. Why do I do this to myself? All I do on the road is shake hands and stand close to people. No wonder I always get sick. My job is one big schmooze sometimes.

Less than a week until we go to Italy. I can't wait to just be with M. And sit in the sunshine and do nothing but eat. Of course, I'm so fat now, I can't stand myself. (Ok, I'm only 20 pounds overweight. But M has said a few things. And when someone sees you nekkid on a regular basis, you can't hide what you look like.) I gotta brush up on my Italiano. M speaks fluently, but I'm going to need to fend for myself. I can't wait to shop and look at the beautiful scenery. I hope the food and water doesn't make me sick. Sometimes that happens to me. My stomach is sensitive, like the rest of me.

I feel a thousand times better about the ex factor. Fuck him.

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