Sunday, February 06, 2005

I've got a crush

I have a serious problem. You see, I'm a happily married woman, and yet I have this schoolgirl crush. Every time I see the object of my affection, I get all swoony and giggly. My husband says, "Why don't you go after him?" Umm...because he's already got a girlfriend, and there's the matter of my being married. And...he's Tom Brady.

He really is a gorgeous piece of ass. Those eyes, that blond hair, that tall, rock-solid body.... And he's so NICE. Usually, guys who are that hot know it and behave accordingly. Not Tom. He's also a metrosexual. Come on, you know he gets manicures and has a hair stylist, and not just because he's in the public eye. According to an article M saw in ESPN Magazine, he used to have a yellow Jeep, and the other guys on the team made fun of it, calling it a "lady's ride." He's supposed to be boring, obsessed with football. I bet he's fun to talk to, funny and always treats a lady like a queen. Well, a girl can dream, can't I?

(In the spirit of the recent plagarism scandals at a few newspapers, I've pretty much plagarized the above post. Oh well, I know the person I stole from, and she's cool with it.)

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