Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Smell of Fear

M went to a local grocery store yesterday to pick up a few things (Saturday morning is his normal shopping day). He had to park at the mall across the road, he couldn't find a cart, and there were managers directing traffic inside the store. He said the line to check out was a "common feeder" line, and it started in the MEAT DEPARTMENT. He pared down our groceries to the bare essentials, then went through the express lane, which was normal-sized. My mom says it was the same business in the Boston area. If you don't have enough food to get you through a friggin' day of not being able to go out, you have a problem. Then again, maybe people are having people over for the Pats game tonight (if they still can).


It really is incredible. They are calling for up to 40" on the Cape and islands once this storm wraps up tonight. The town of Hull, which, for the nonlocals, is a peninsula that reaches into the ocean, has its main street under several feet of water. This is one of the worst storms in local memory. But it seems to have stopped here. The sun is out, at least, even if it's as cold as a witch's tit here. (That expression courtesy of my dad). I feel like I should be doing all these house projects, but I cleaned all day yesterday, and then we watched American Pie on DVD. We'd been given it for a shower gift three years ago, but I'd never watched it. Some of the scenes made me laugh so hard, I cried. Of course, it was completely juvenile fart and sex humor, but damn was it ever funny. Basically an updated Porky's. Perhaps we'll rent AP2 or American Wedding some night.

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