Sunday, March 06, 2005

I've been a bad, bad girl...

With apologies to Fiona Apple, I've been away from this blog entirely too long. What have I been doing with my life away from the computer?

  • Battling a cold all week while telling myself, "I feel fine." Now I'm spraying snot everywhere and spent most of yesterday in bed. And I think I got this lovely cold from...
  • My trip to Florida for my cousin's shower, which was wonderful but much too much of a whirlwind. I left Friday morning (to a freshly fallen 8" of snow and an unplowed runway at Logan) with my mom, aunt and grandma (when I prefer to travel alone or just with one other person -- just say NO, Christine, to traveling with relatives) and came back Sunday night. This left me just one day in Florida, Saturday. It was 65 degrees and overcast. Plus, I had to deal with a condition that befalls women of a certain age, "Shower-itis." This is the overwhelming desire to walk into a shower that's in the midst of being set up and pronounce your opinion, whether or not it's wanted or needed or valid, on how things should be handled or should appear. It's extremely annoying. I wasn't a bridesmaid, just the poor schlub who was trying to help get stuff into the restaurant. Sigh. We did take the bride out for drinks, which was way fun. Haven't done that in too long.
  • So much work that I haven't left the office before 7 p.m. all week. I'm really hoping this shit ends soon. Hard work is one thing, no work/life balance is quite another. Can we say burnout?

And now we're facing another week of cold temperatures and sleet/snow. Will this fucking winter EVER END???

On the bright side (important to remember that there's always one), I've been told that this coming week, I may finally meet my "mentee." I've been trying to do some volunteer work for the community with an organization that, much like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, provides mentors for kids who need a little extra help. The organization hasbeen trying to get me in to meet this particular kid since November, and her mom has been really obstructionist. This week, it may finally happen. Huzzah! I'll keep you posted.
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