Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I continue to realize the error of my ways

M said I was too hard on Tommy in my first post-Super Bowl post. He says he's so good that we expect perfection from him every time he steps onto the field, and while he wasn't perfect Sunday, he was still pretty good. I also found this article, which made me realize what a special guy he is. Humble, smart, driven, levelheaded and damn it, I'll say it, hotter than Georgia asphalt. (His girlfriend knows it too; she didn't let go of his arm through the whole victory parade yesterday in Boston. If he'd fallen off the Duck Boat and into the crowd, I'm sure every female there would have torn his clothes off.) So Tom Brady, you gorgeous, amazing piece of ass, I apologize in my vulgar way. Let's move on, shall we?

OK, today is Ash Wednesday, and for Lent? I'm giving up cussing. Just fucking kidding! I could never do that.
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