Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Scenes from our first childbirth class

We started childbirth classes last night. It's a Lamaze class, so besides breathing, one of the things you learn is associating your partner's touch with relaxation. The teacher showed the guys how to touch and massage the women. She suggested practicing it every night. "And make it relaxing, with soft music, shut down the lights, light a fire," she suggested.

One of the guys giggled. "That's how we got here in the first place!" he said. Teach said she was waiting for that line.

The teacher also talked about the stages of labor, with the transitional phase (right before you push) being the worst. "You know, I've had a lot of guys say to me that they wish they could go through labor for their wives, since they are so much tougher," she said. "But when they see that head crowning, I've yet to see a guy step up." Ain't it the truth.

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