Friday, December 21, 2007

Hold on for more one day

This is my last day in the office until next Thursday (and if Boo decides to come in the next few days, my last day in for a few months). I'm trying to get stuff done today just in case, but man, I'm tired. I know it gets old, but it's the truth. My bones are weary.

As for Christmas, the doc has advised us that an hour away is not a good idea at this point in my pregnancy. So we are staying home this Christmas so we can be close to the hospital. We're going to live like Jews, perhaps have some Chinese food and go to a movie. I feel bad to miss Christmas Eve at my mom's and Christmas Day with M's grandma, then a visit with my grandma (been a tradition since I was born), but I really don't want to give birth on the highway. And sitting in a car for an hour is enough to exhaust me.

I will be 38 weeks pregnant on Christmas Day, and that's pretty big and full of baby. According to yesterday's ultrasound, the baby already weighs 7 pounds and could gain another half-pound a week. So we could have quite a butterball on our hands.

Have a great weekend. We're having Christmas with our families (both are coming to visit) and finishing up with wrapping, etc.

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