Sunday, December 16, 2007

A long December

Was so nuts at work Friday that I missed posting. Well, here I am at the tail end of the weekend. A snowy-ass weekend that caused a Christmas party we were supposed to go to today to get canceled and M's kids' Christmas pageant to get pushed off to next weekend. We did errands yesterday, mostly at Babies R Us (this kid is well-supplied), went to lunch at Red Robin, did laundry (that would be me) and some last-minute Christmas shopping (that would be me again; M's finally done). Today was sleep, the Patriots game, cleaning, wrapping, baking and a turkey dinner, courtesy of M.

OK, I've had enough of snow. Could we just get a week without it? Seems early this year. And I feel doubly bad, because I can't exactly help M clean up with my belly sticking out to kingdom come.

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