Monday, December 31, 2007

The last blog post of 2007

What a year! We:
  • Put in a pool
  • Got a new stove and over-the-hood microwave and convection oven (thanks, Mass state lottery)
  • Went on several mini-vacations
  • Watched the Pats go 16-0 (I love saying that) and the Red Sox win their second World Series in three years (that never gets old, either)
  • Oh, and got pregnant, spending most of the year preparing for the arrival of Boo Boo the Bear
On that last one: Like General Francisco Franco being still dead on that old SNL Weekend Update sketch, I am still pregnant -- 39 weeks to be exact. I can't wait for him to be born, but I'm hoping he holds back until this round of snowy, shitty weather passes through.

Happy new year! We're laying low tonight -- hard partying and pregnancy really don't mix in my book. And you?

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