Sunday, March 02, 2008

Eight weeks today

That would be Boo. And two months on Thursday. He's started laughing when I sing to him (today's selection was "Shadows in the Moonlight" by Anne Murray; I'm a closet Anne fan [pardon the pun, as she has a large lesbian following] and heard it while on hold yesterday, so it's on permanent loop in the ol' OCD head) and is cooing up a storm. Getting quite fun. He goes for his two-month well-baby appointment in a few weeks and will get his shots. Yuckola.

My shrink has pretty much ordered me to start an exercise program to help stave off anxiety. Which would also help remedy the fact that I cleaned out my closet yesterday and put away my maternity clothes, but I may have to take them out again because few of my old clothes fit. Now THAT'S depressing. Wish it would stop snowing so I could walk with the carriage outside.

Baby calls...

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