Monday, April 28, 2008

Rainy Monday

Today was one of my two days off a week. I did a lot of housework, and then Boo and I were both getting restless with the disgusting (but much needed) rain keeping us cooped up, so we went over to the mall. Since shopping for clothes is still a nightmare I'd rather avoid, I splurged on a sweet new purse at Macy's. I am a purse whore, although I can't be bothered with name brands -- I spend the money but go for nice and a bit more obscure of a name.

I did some leaf blowing in my yard this weekend, and after the sneezing and wheezing that commenced, I have decided I am not doing any more of that sort of work. Also, after several days of a swollen, gross-looking eye, I got it checked and discovered I have allergic conjunctivitis. I'm sure the leaves, dirt and mold flying around my yard didn't help.

Back to work tomorrow...

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