Thursday, July 10, 2008

A subject that may make you flush

If you are a man or easily offended, I'm giving you the opportunity to turn back now.

Turn back.

OK, don't say I didn't warn you.

So last night, I used the facilities and flushed. Except there was clearly something lodged in the toilet. I went and got M, who grumblingly got up to plunge the toilet, and he started yelling at me for flushing my, ahem, feminine products. I told him I have been doing so for years and that it says you can on the box. Lawyer that he is, he went and got the box. It didn't say anywhere that you could. He finally got the toilet unclogged and went to bed, telling me I am not to flush "those damn things" anymore, and I told him I would Google it today and find out what the consensus is on this.

So I Googled it. Ouch -- the consensus is that you should not flush, because that's what keeps plumbers in business. (One of many pages I found.) So I have a question for you ladies: Do you flush your tampons? If you do, have you ever had problems with the pipes?

Back to your regularly scheduled, unisex Overthink.

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