Friday, December 05, 2008

Back from the sinus infection

I wrote a prize-winning post on my birthday. I tried to post it from the freaking Commodore 64 we have at home. And it never showed up on the site. Yow. I just realized I have not posted in two weeks.

Maybe it's my newly old brain (I just had a very major birthday; my age now rhymes with dirty jive).

Maybe it's the fact I've had a raging sinus infection, complete with multicolored snot (I know, you really wanted to know that) and spent said birthday in bed -- not doing anything fun, I might add. Only now can I smell and taste again. Thank you, drugs.

Maybe it's the fact that M is launching a new venture and I've been a busy bee helping him with that. (If you know me IRL and are local, shoot me an e and I will tell you all about it.)

Maybe it's the fact that my son is about to be 11 MONTHS OLD and is crawling everywhere and getting into everything.

Maybe it's the fact my house is fully decorated for Christmas and the Christmas cards are almost done, but my shopping isn't and the tree isn't up.

Maybe it's the fact that there's a trip to Maine in my immediate future.

Anyway, I'm sorry I have not been around. I promise a long, newsy post next week. Great weekend, all, and keep it on the down low.

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