Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love to love you, baby

It seems like I constantly have a blog post brewing in the back of my mind. I think, I better get to the computer and commit this puppy to memory. Then I get cleaning or mothering or wifing or looking for a job. And my creative half continues to shrivel up.

But it's not a day for bitching and moaning. It's a day for love. Yes, it's Valentine's Day, a day that was the bane of my existence when I was single. Now that I am married and have a 2-year-old, though. I think it's a lot of fun. M brought me roses, and we had a fancy dinner out here the other night (one of the best meals and dates we've ever had). Boo got a Thomas valentine, some Play-Doh and a coloring book, and he's in heaven. I love that kid.

Happy Valentine's Day, and whether you're single or attached, think of the people you love, and celebrate them.

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