Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas wrapping

We're moving into the home stretch with our Christmas shopping. Tree's up, Christmas cards are sent. All that remains to be done are the baking, a few odds and ends for people and of course, all that wrapping.

Every year after Christmas, I go out and scoop up my cards for the next year as well as all my wrapping paper, gift bags, tags, bows, etc. As a result, I have enough wrapping paper in my basement for the next 20 years. Except I really don't like to wrap. My seams tend to be crooked, I use too much wrapping paper and have overstuffed ends, and I don't always pull the wrapping paper taut enough, so it looks baggy. The solution, of course, is gift bags, but not everything can go in a bag. So I struggle with this odious task every year, often putting it off until the last minute.

Except this year, I decided to jump on top of it early and do it a little at a time. I just spent hours cutting, taping and tagging gifts. I feel accomplished but tired. And I haven't even started Boo's gifts. Maybe I'll leave most of them unwrapped. Still, he loves the wrapping paper. Got to make the boy happy.

On an unrelated note, I won NaNoWriMo on Thanksgiving day. Was a good feeling. I'm considering cleaning up my manuscript and shopping it around. Because, you know, I still don't have a job, and how cool would it be to sell a book?

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