Thursday, February 12, 2004

My life has been so nuts that I am feeling lately like I'm running as fast as I possibly can but not getting anywhere. It's just feeding the goat, as my old journalism professor used to say, on my Web site, which must be fed daily with the latest electronics assembly news and products. Yeah, I work my ass off one day to write a great site, but then it must be done again the next day. I guess I'm getting burned out.

I started reminiscing a lot recently about a relationship I was once in. I sort of over-romanticized it in my mind. Then I was cleaning up the living room and found the journal I kept when I was dating this person. Man, was I miserable. And man, what an asshole. It totally reminded me how lucky I am to have M. A guy who will hug me for a whole hour straight and constantly tries to keep me amused, make me feel safe and loved, cares about my happiness, and goes out of his way to do nice things for me. A guy who loves that I have a brain in my head, so I don't have to hide my light under a bushel basket, such as it were. And a guy who looks so hot in his new suit that he takes my breath away.

I am really getting baby hungry. I was in McD's yesterday and there were these blonde twin girls. I said hello to one of them and she showed me her stuffed doggie. The other one came over to see what was what. I was utterly charmed by both of them, but I also don't want them to think it's cool to talk to strangers who are nice to them, so I cut my conversation short, since their dad was off getting their Happy Meals or whatver we used to get when we were kids. I still remember when McDonald's was haute cuisine. Mom hated taking us there, because she is so health conscious, but I really like their new salads. Every time I go in there, I smell the fries, though, and I'm tempted. But I'm trying to count those WW points and drop about 20 pounds, 10 to start with. I'm traveling to Cali in about two weeks for a show and I've got to be "on" constantly. So I want to look gooood.

I've been really thinking about a nose job lately. M is against it, but I've wanted one my whole life, and my mom says I should do it if it will make me feel better about myself. So belllleh.

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