Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Take a deep breath...

So this morning should have been nicknamed, "An excuse to dump on Christine." I know, waah waah waah, but I swear to God, if one more thing goes wrong...It's all in a day's work around here, but it's pissing me off.

Back to safer topics. We are getting more fucking snow. Tonight. Just in time for me to drive home. I snapped the antenna off the roof of my poorly designed Focus the other night as I skidded into the garage, so I have piss-poor radio reception. Yikesers.

In the good news dept, I passed a huge pile o' mulch this morning on my rain-soaked commute. That means spring is coming. That also means, for me, allergy season is about to rear its chest pain-inducing, stuffy-headed, allergic shiner-bearing head. That also means not fearing the forecast. As I've mentioned, I have a love-hate relationship with spring. I'm usually OK until about mid-April, then it's time to see my allergist. And I also think it's fucked that I've had allergies since I was a wee lassie, but I only got an allergist about three years ago. So much suffering for nothing.
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