Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween at Casa Christine

As mentioned, Leominster is pretty strict about trick-or-treating between 6 and 8, so I drove home like a banshee to make it in time. I got home at 5:50, made sure the hoses were off the lawn, lit the jack-o-lantern and candles and waited for kid no. 1.

About 6:15, the kiddos started coming. They came in spurts at first, and then around 7, they started coming in waves. My observations:

Funniest costume: A kid in a Yankees shirt who looked like he'd gotten the snot beaten out of him.

Cutest: A princess who pulled up in her pumpkin coach (a specially decked-out wagon), complete with a streamer door.

Rudest: Since we get so many kids (at least 100), I ration the candy pretty strictly -- two pieces a kid. A bunch of kids came to our door, and one of the older boys (about nine) turns to me and says, "Can I tell you something? There's a house up there that lets the kids take four big handfuls of candy." I didn't really know what to say, but turns out the other kids said it for me: "That's rude!" "Don't say that to the lady!" "Make sure you say thank you!" The kid turned nine shades of red and said, "I was just kidding!"

We decided that once 8 hit, we were going to go to dinner. So since we actually had candy left this year (seemed a little lighter than in past years -- any other Leominsterites find the same?), we left the bowl on the steps with the lights on and went out. I persuaded M to give up his beloved peanut butter candy for the bowl, with the rationale of, "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours."

We came back from dinner and all the candy was intact. So now we have a bunch. For which you'd think a pregnant lady would be grateful, but I discovered last night that excessive amounts of chocolate give me heartburn like you wouldn't believe. I'm sure M will take care of it.

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