Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm seeing you with me, and baby makes three

Was listening to Sting in the car today and couldn't resist.

Thanks to all for your kind, supportive comments. It's a lot to put such personal stuff in such a public forum as a blog, and you guys rose to the occasion.

I had my first day with Boo alone since I got out of the hospital Saturday. While I experienced, as my shrink called it, some mood lability, we had a good day overall, complete with a Target run and a nice midmorning nap. The secret is getting the hell out of the house every day -- by afternoon I was getting a bit depressed being in all day. Boo's birth certificate is ready, so I think I will pick that up this week -- makes a nice little errand.

My mom took a picture of me, M and Boo when he was one-and-a-half-hours old. I bought a frame at Tar-gay for it, and now I can remember the moment of his birth every time I look at it. Like I ever could forget.

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