Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa crazy

I love Christmas. I love Santa. I love presents. I love decorating for the holidays. (Although it makes me, as Avery said in Jerry Maguire, one of those people who starts decorating for Christmas a month before.) So I wanted my son to love it all as much as I do, especially the big guy who brings presents. So I took him to the mall a few weeks ago to meet Santa.

He freaked out.

Now, Santa is pretty funny-looking. He's big and hairy and red. And he talks funny. And many kids are afraid of him. But I didn't want Boo to be one of them. So I brought my dancing Santa up from the basement, the one that shakes his moneymaker to Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree.

At first, he wasn't quite sure about this Santa. He would crawl over and check him out, and then he would crawl away and hug me, which is a sign of fear. But then, since he plays music and Boo loves anything musical, he began sitting and watching him dance. Then he started dancing along. Now he crawls over and grunts at me to turn Santa on. And every time he sees one of the other bazillion Santas around my house, he smiles. I hope he loves Christmas as much as his parents do.

I probably won't be online tomorrow, so merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, a festive Kwanzaa and happy Festivus. Peace out.

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