Friday, January 16, 2009

If you live in the Northeast

You know what I'm going to blog about, don't you?

Yes, the insane, bone-crunching, skin-drying, spirit-sapping COLD.

When I went into my garage this morning and started Ye Olde Camry, it was 19 degrees, according to the dash. The garage is attached to the house, and on days like this, I am happy for that fact.

As I pulled out, the temperature dropped. And dropped again. By the time I got a mile from my house, the thermometer was in the single digits and falling. As I sped down the highway, it dipped below zero and then righted itself again to 1 degree. Yes, a balmy 1. I was talking to some people who are west of Leominster, and they said it was 10 below zero.

This is the kind of day you want to stay in bed with the covers over your head. But alas, I had to work. So I bundled up and went to work. My son is warm and toasty in the babysitter's care, but it's a tough, cold world out here for those of us who have to make a living.

On days like this, I often think of homeless people and how lucky I am to have a home to go to. This kind of cold makes your hands hurt and turns your skin into paper from brief exposure. Thank goodness for a steam-heated office, long underwear and Starbucks.

Good weekend, all. Think the tree is coming down finally (it's all undecorated, but it's still up) and some family stuff. And maybe that fire.

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