Friday, January 30, 2009

Who needs 14 kids?

This octuplet lady is blowing my mind. Seriously. Blowing. My. Mind. It's coming out that she had six kids and then went through fertility treatments that made her pregnant with what they thought were seven babies (surprise! an eighth popped out). She refused to selectively abort, which I don't agree with but respect, and now she has a freaking litter. Those babies only weigh a pound or two each. Probably not all of them are going to survive. I really don't like to judge, but honestly, 14 kids? I know how much work one is. I can't imagine 13 more Boos.

Have a good weekend, everyone. My updates are that I am sick and tired of winter (who isn't), I'm going on a cruise (yeehaw) and my son is growing ever-closer to walking and talking. Good times.

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