Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And I'm always gone too long

I've got "Higher Ground" by Stevie Wonder stuck in my head so I thought I'd get the lyric in my headline.

We got the tree down. And the house is now decorated for Valentine's Day. Boo is loving the decorations and getting closer and closer to walking every day. Lord help me.

So as for me: I spent yesterday getting an endoscopy. Background: I've been having heartburn and digestive problems for months, so they finally decided to stick the ol' scope down my throat and see what's what. Turns out I have severe gastritis, or inflammation of my stomach lining, which is being tested for the bacteria H. Pylori, which causes ulcers. Yikes. I'm now on horse pills four times a day and waiting for my biopsy. I'm glad to know what's wrong, because I've felt like crap for months now. But that test? Not so much fun. They have to put you to sleep, and then you can't drive or work for the rest of the day since you're considered legally drunk. Yikes.

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