Sunday, February 15, 2009

Isn't it romantic

M and I are going on our tenth year together. We still adore each other, sure, but our idea of romance has become more M bringing the laundry upstairs for me or making pancakes and coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon than a dozen roses or box of chocolates. But for this Valentine's Day, we decided we needed some couple time, so we went on the brunch cruise on the Odyssey out of Boston.

I wasn't sure we were going, because Boo had a nasty stomach flu on Wednesday night that thankfully cleared pretty quickly. But then M got it and spent Friday being sick. I told him if he didn't feel like sailing around Boston Harbor, I would understand. But he felt better for Saturday morning, so off we went.

We left the Boo with my parents in Melrose. They were thrilled to get time with their grandson. We drove into town and parked at the Rowes Wharf garage, watching all the beautiful people going in and out of the Boston Harbor Hotel. Then we boarded and settled in on the ship.

It could not have been nicer. The weather was beautiful, and the food was outstanding. Each couple got a single long-stem red rose (to me, nicer than a dozen -- I had my bridesmaids each carry one flower instead of a bouquet at my wedding), and there was a musical combo playing, complete with dancing. We took a walk up to the deck, watched the city and the harbor islands go by and just enjoyed each other and the food and atmosphere. After the week of sickness and work and stress, it was so fabulous just to sit quietly with my husband, enjoy some good food and listen to the ocean.

On our first date, we went to the North End, so the original plan was to go walk around there afterward. But M was really pushing it to make the cruise, so we got the car afterward. We stopped at the cemetery to leave my rose with my late grandfather. Then we went to the Hilltop butcher shop to get M some prime rib. We had coffee with my parents, picked up the Boo and came home, tired, happy and having enjoyed each other.

I love you, M. A perfect day with the perfect man.

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