Saturday, April 17, 2010

Like Pink said, I'm not dead

Yes, I have been away -- so long that BlogHer disabled my ads. Can't blame them. But here's what's been going on:

  • M bought a new building for his business. It's a great property, but it needs work. So we've been busting butt coordinating repairs and decor for a grand opening in the middle of May. I am very excited for him. Time to take the law firm to the next level.
  • The Boo continues to grow like a weed and talk up a storm. He is a wonderful child but is starting to get willful in ways only a 2-year-old can, e.g., lying on the floor and screaming, hitting, biting. That behavior is infrequent, but it still pisses me off when it happens.
  • Between taking care of a toddler and helping M with his business, I have picked up some freelance writing gigs. The thought of going to work for someone else again really doesn't appeal to me, so I'm thinking of starting my own freelance business, since M's new office building includes office space for me.
  • I am spreading mulch and cleaning up the yard. It's a bitch and a half, but it's great exercise, and the yard looks great.
  • We continue to work on trying to have Baby No. 2.
So you see why I've been away. What's up with you?

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