Monday, December 15, 2003

Man, am I lazy about this.

I haven't posted in three months. I can say I've been busy, which is true. I can say I haven't the time. But that is bull. I find time for other things that are important to me. I'm just a bad journal keeper. Which sucks, because I've always enjoyed reading over old journals. I kept one during my most serious relationship before meeting M, and reading it over when I found it when we moved last year really helped put things in perspective. And showed me how much I've grown. Old diaries, from when I was just a kid (I actually had an Annie diary, from the movie) provide more looks into my psyche and being.

M was stressed last night. We added up what we've spent on Christmas gifts for our joint people (mom, dad, my brother, etc.) and it's a lot. 'Tis the season, imho, but he gets stressed. He only wants the best for us. We are doing well -- we have a house when many of our friends are still renting, and our cars are all paid for. He wants us to continue to do well and I don't blame him.

I don't see nearly the movies I used to see when I was single. M never wants to go. We did go see Under the Tuscan Sun, seeing that we are going to Italy early next year. I really need to learn me some Italian. Of course, I AM Italian, but I've never really had a yen to learn to speak it. M speaks very well. My father-in-law is a native speaker.

I'm bored. I want Christmas to come. I'm taking the week of Christmas off, which means some killer hours this week. I need to clean up some messes and start getting my February issue into production before I go. And I want to do very little. Sigh.

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