Saturday, March 19, 2005

I hit myself in the eye

Yesterday I decided to go to TJ Maxx and try on some spring clothes on my lunch break. (I've decided that place is a dump, and I won't be returning.) I went to put on a "very cute on the rack, not very cute on me" sweater, and that damn plastic security tag they use hit me in the eye. It hurts. And I can't tell if I should go to the doctor or not, if it's my orbit around my eye that hurts or my actual eyeball. I guess I'll see how I feel later.

We went to dinner with the parentals-in-law last night. Apparently I am the only one dedicated to eating healthy. I got a salad, a nice piece of salmon and a baked potato, and M and his parents got fried seafood dinners. I can't eat that, because I have a shellfish allergy, and calamari and clams would not help the situation. But I'm sort of over that way of eating anyway and wouldn't if I could. Not sayin' I'm better or worse; I've just changed my evil ways.

Been a busy week. We had to go to a wake this week for a dear friend of my grandma's. I wrote about her a bit in the Monster Blog. I am so happy the weekend is here, you can't even understand. I got a good, solid night's sleep last night for the first time all week, without knowing I had deadlines and bullshit to put up with the next day. Sigh.

My friend was induced yesterday. Her technical due date is tomorrow. We're waiting to hear what's going on. Baby!

I need to make this blog more multi-meatier. That would involve the use of a digital camera, which I do not own. Want to buy me one so you'll enjoy my blog more?
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