Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So bad it's good, '80s style

I am a shameless lover of everything '80s. Especially the music. M, who's a classic rock man, likes to say he wishes that era never happened musically. But even he, closet Duran Duran lover that he is (sorry to out you, honey) would find something to like on this list from Yahoo! Music of '80s songs you're embarrassed to admit you like. Says the author:

When I was in grade school during the late 1970's classic rock bands like The Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin ruled the hallways. Tough guys wore black concert t-shirts looking to pick a fight with anyone who had the slightest propensity toward disco -- another major pop genre of the time.

Disco was eventually slayed by rock & roll and no one dared admit owning a Village People or Gloria Gaynor album, although almost everyone did.

Then the 80's came and with them came "new wave", a genre that was neither outright ridiculed by the rock & roll set, nor embraced. But a new invention called cable television gave MTV an opportunity to bypass previous methods of getting music out to the masses and new wave took off.

However, many of us who were raised on the classic rock or first wave punk of the 1970's had trouble admitting that we were attracted to the music of Culture Club, Kajagoogoo or Wham!

But we were...

Check it out -- not a (really) bad one in the bunch. But I'm not embarrassed. Hell, I'll say it loud and proud: My favorite band is still INXS. And I love me some Pet Shop Boys. So there.

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