Monday, March 28, 2005

I have a fan! And I am one, too

Wow, someone other than my mom, husband and brother reads this blog! It's amazing. Thanks for your comments.

Now, let's get on to someone I'm a fan of: Really ugly guys with great voices. Here's my top two:

1. Steve Perry

2. Lou Gramm

Good Lord, if those guys didn't have such amazing voices, no one would pay attention to them at all. But they sound awesome, no matter what, and it's almost enough to overcome their "severe appearance deficits," as George Carlin puts it. I bought M a live Journey album, and Mr. Perry sounded amazing. I also bought him a live REO Speedwagon album (he doesn't like modern music), and lead singer Kevin Cronin sounded like shit. Some people just can't sing live. It's hard work to command the stage in front of live musicians.

Anyway, while cleaning this weekend, I put on Foreigner's greatest hits album, and I was groovin' to "Say You Will." I don't know what it is with me and completely overemotional music, but there it is. M makes fun of my taste in music constantly.

Now for tasty men with sexy voices:

1. Robert Plant

2. Rob Thomas (although I hate his music and band)

3. Daryl Hall

4. Sting

5. Elvis Presley

Finally, guys that should shut up and play their instrument:

1. Eric Clapton

2. Stevie Wonder (to a certain extent)

3. Stevie Ray Vaughn

BTW, I ate too much yesterday. Wouldn't be Easter without me (and M) doing that...
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