Monday, March 21, 2005

My eye is OK

For all two of you that read this, I went to the doctor Saturday morning. I have two microscopic scratches on my cornea. There isn't much they can do about it; it just has to heal on its own. The doc gave me some drops to help soothe it. My optometrist was very cool to squeeze me in like that.

We went to a surprise party for my aunt yesterday, who just bought a co-op in Beverly. She was extremely surprised. It was a "tea," so it wasn't real food, just a lot of picky sweet stuff and coffee and, well, tea. I overate, especially my grandma's amazing pizzeles, so now my damn jeans are tight. We also ate at the Cracker Barrel after visiting my girlfriend in the hospital, so that wasn't good for the waistline, either. She had a little boy, and he's beautiful. The lingering presence of my cold meant I didn't get to hold him. :( What a doll.
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